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Mikuś - Brass Islands of Dub [TERRA02]

by Mikuś

Published January 31, 2011

This is the first release on Terra Incognita Recordings from dubwise producer Mikus. His trademark sound tends to mix grainy vintage distortion with modern production styles, all rounded off with an eastern twist.

Brass Islands of Dub explores slightly different territory, primarily thanks to the trumpet and flugelhorn talents of Kevin Robinson (Jazz Jamaica All-Stars/Jazz Warrior/Incognito), who features prominently on all the tracks. Kevin's horn parts bring an additional degree of melody in comparison to Mikus' other releases, with tracks such as Isla de la Juventud touching on Cuban musical traditions, whilst Highlands pays homage to the golden age of the Jamaican dub era.

Mikus has already had a string of well-received releases with netlabel Planet Terror - be sure to visit and Mikus' own site for those.


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Terra Incognita Recordings
by Mikuś